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History of Assembly 127

Tom Prete Assembly No. 127 of the Society of American Magicians was chartered on October 10, 1976, with a total of 25 members. They were: Thomas R. Prete, John E. Anthony, Al Rosenfeld, Ralph E. Dunphy, John Kedves, Charles A. Kelman, Jeffery R. Hass, Anthony J. Morotta Jr., Glenn T. Canning, David J. Koscinski, Wayne J. Kovi, Paul Fusco, Albert Palmero, Russell P. Mattei, Keith I. McCurdy, Greg R. Bushman, Steven J. Grossman, Vincent M. Barrelli, John M. Prete, Harry M. Hines, Richard Hodes, William E. Dayton, David Brown, John L. Udall and Jeff Czerbinski. Six of the original members (in bold type) are still members of Assembly 127 with Jeff Czerbinski as an honorary member.

These charter members first met at the Magic Arts Store, Tom Prete's magic shop in Wallingford Connecticut. Shortly thereafter, they decided to form a local assembly of the National Society of American Magicians as the Magic Arts Assembly #127. In 1983, they voted to change the club's name to Tom Prete Assembly No. 127 in honor of its founder and first president.

Over the years, Assembly 127 has been very active. In 1982, it sponsored the very first New England Magicians' Conference known as NEMCON with Hank Morehouse, George Schindler, Danny Tong and Paul Fusco as performers. In 2006, NEMCON celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The assembly also contributes magic books to the Wallingford Public Library. In 2008, it launched the Tom Prete Scholarship Fund for the Arts. Members also volunteer to perform at area hospitals and in club shows for charitable, fraternal and educational organizations. Assembly 127 also hosts lectures by visiting magicians with international reputations.

Original Assembly 127 Charter

Assembly 127s Founder and First President

Tom Prete 1927 - 2007

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